Designed by racers - for racers.

Everyone knows that karting is the best route into professional motor-racing. All of the current F1 grid started out racing karts – but everyone also knows that to succeed in any form of motor-racing, you need to either have very deep pockets or a lot of luck.

GPK Series is designed to avoid the need for huge budgets and to help you maximise on your luck! With a fixed price, identical karts and engines, controlled tyres and fuel, the GPK Series gives drivers the chance to let their driving do the winning on track.

Backed by Daytona Motorsport and endorsed by current F1 Teams, GPK Series is all about the racing – and not about the budget. For a single entry fee, drivers are given the use of their own brand new TonyKart rolling chassis for the season plus randomly drawn matched Vortex Engines for each round. Drivers are also provided with a Pit Garage, Work Bench and Kart Trolley needed to prep and maintain the kart throughout the race weekends.

Each GPK Series kart is also equipped with a state-of-the-art Mychron 5 Dashboard, linked to GPK Series’ live online timing system – which will be updated as soon as Mylaps release their X2 Timing Link software update to show drivers their lap times, race and qualifying positions, plus the gaps to the drivers ahead and behind – updated in real time during test, qualifying and race sessions.

At the end of each race weekend, the drivers return their karts to the race organisers who store them safely and transport them to the next round. All the drivers have to do is to turn up to the next round to collect their kart and commence testing.

No-one else drives your kart between races – it is yours for the championship season.


With a prize fund unequalled in Uk kart racing, GPK Series could very well be the path to F1 for some lucky drivers.