GPK Series Prize Fund Announced

GPK Series Prize Fund Announced

Daytona Motorsport is delighted to announce that the prize fund for the inaugural GPK Series Championships is worth £200,000.

With all three champions racing in the Bridgestone ROK Finals in Garda, Italy plus free entry to the enlarged 2019 GPK Series, the cadet, junior and senior champions will enjoy plenty of kart racing as a result of their wins.

Additionally, the Cadet Champion will benefit from a Strawberry Racing TonyKart Test-Day – an invaluable opportunity for a young driver. The Junior Champion will win a Ginetta Junior Winter Series Drive – enabling them to start their migration from Karts to Cars and the Senior Champion will win a fully paid drive in the 2019 Formula Academy Championship – a brand new Single Seater Championship using BMW-powered Single Seater race cars – which will be unveiled soon.

With Mercedes AMG F1 Factory Visits as round winners prizes, along with a host of other round prizes, the GPK Series Prize Package is unique in the UK!

Please feel free to browse the website for more information about the 2018 GPK Series Championship and do call us on 03303327870 if you would like to discuss racing with us in 2018.