The GPK Series Cadet Kart Technical Data

The TonyKart Rookie

Molybdenum chrome steel
TUBES Ø               28 mm
WHEELBASE        900 mm
AXLE Ø  25 mm
BRAKING SYSTEM  BSM with Dot 5.0 lubricant

Aluminium machined components. Supplied with eccentric washers for camber and caster adjustment and equipped with alcantara steering wheel and 3 litre fuel tank.

M5 homologated ACI-CSAI and CIK-FIA front fairing

Vortex Mini ROK Engine

Piston Port engine 60cc single-cylinder, electrical starter, air-cooled, supplied with Dell’Orto carburettor PHBG Ø 18 mm, intake silencer, fuel pump, homologated exhaust , battery, battery support, wire loom, REV limiter at 15,500 rpm, sparkplug, coil and sparkplug plug.